SnapSPT is an online platform for physical therapy education built entirely on Snapchat.

During physical therapy school, I posted daily educational Snapchat stories covering wide variety of topics related to physical therapy. These posts aimed to engage learners with meaningful topics and to challenge the retention of these concepts in a new context.

I also tracked daily metrics as my audience expanded to over 1500 daily viewers.

In the News

Named Top 40 Influencer of Physical Therapy in 2017

Selected as one of the top Media Influencers by voters within the physical therapy community.

SnapSPT was covered in the Spring 2018 edition of inMotion Magazine, the official publication of the USC Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy.

In this story, I tell the story of the what, why, and how of SnapSPT.

"Social media can be more than cat videos and selfies..."

Example Snaps

Each post was based on a daily theme:

💪 Muscle Monday = Musculoskeletal anatomy

💆 Technique Tuesday = Manual techniques

🏋️ Wellness Wednesday = Therapeutic Exercise

🚑 paThology Thursday = Diseases and etiology

🆓 Free-for-all Friday = Miscellaneous

Favorite Daily Theme (n = 261)

🚀 Launch – November 2016

📅 Year 1 Review – November 2017

📊 The Data

👍 Net Promoter Score = 77%

"How likely are you to recommend SnapSPT to a friend or colleague?" (1-10 scale, 1 = not at all likely, 10 = extremely likely); NPS = % Promoter - % Detractor. (n = 261)

9-10 = 80%, Promoter 👍

7-8 = 17%, Passive

1-6 = 3%, Distractor 👎

👥 Audience Demographics

A variety of learners comprised the SnapSPT audience, though DPT students made up the large majority. (n = 261)