💢 Pain Resources

A podcast that uncovers how pain is being managed in society. Pain Reframed's hosts Drs. Tim Flynn and Jeff Moore are committed to changing language and practice patterns across disciplines in order to reduce the unnecessary suffering that results from the propagation of misinformation, insufficient understanding of the pain experience and the over-medicalization of pain in society.

My favorites:

  1. Neuroplasticity and Persistent Pain with Dr. Adriaan Louw
  2. Top 5 Commonly Asked Questions from Patients

Available on iTunes.

Other Resources

A tremendous resource for patients or providers, this is a 71-page pdf that helps readers understand the complexities of pain, covering the following areas:

  • Pain principles
  • Key messages
  • Pain contributors
  • Recovery strategies

Insight Timer – FREE app for Mindful Meditation

We've all heard of Headspace, but I've found Insight Timer to be the best free app out there for mindful meditation.

Available on iOS App Store or Google Play.

Graded motor imagery utilizes a variety of different methods to re-conceptualize your brain's interpretation of your body parts.

There are three main foci of Graded Motor Imagery, including:

Recognise App

Why Do I Hurt by Dr. Adrian Louw

Sticks & Stones by Drs. Jim Heafner and Jarod Hall